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Things to know about Zygomatic Implants

If compared to all other traditional implants zygomatic implants are not that popular yet. However, In these recent years, it has gotten high recommendations in the dental community. So, there is still a possibility that even though you may have suffered from dental problems you may not have heard about zygomatic implants. Able to replace Upper Teeth   Zygomatic Implants are

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What are the Benefits of Flapless Pterygoid Implants?

If you belong to the dental segment, then you might have heard about Tubero Pterygoid Implants. These are also known as Flapless Pterygoid Implants and are used in the condition where you are told that for dental implants, there is less bone present in your upper jaw. This is also known as a case of severe bone resorption. When the

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