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Note regarding aesthetic results in single cases:

There are occasional claims that the aesthetic results of our method is inferior to the results of conventional treatment. We respectfully disagree due to the fact that we disproportionately help patients not eligible for conventional treatment. It is therefore not possible to create a meaningful equivalency.

Provided the patients possess a large amount of bone (vertical and horizontal bone supply), a good aesthetic result can be reached with any method.

If the patient has only a very low supply of bone (so little that conventional treatment is impossible, not advisable, or only a viable option with extensive, risky bone augmentation procedures), the Simpladent method can still offer successful treatment in immediate loading.
In single cases we occasionally achieve asa result fixed teeth on stable imlants, however an aesthetic compromise has to be accepted due to reduced bone supply. In such cases it is often possible to improve the aesthetic result after the operation through additional steps in the field of aesthetic/plastic surgery.

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